Baby update

This weekend we reached the 24-week mark, and had an appointment with our midwife this morning.  Everything looks good! She reviewed the results from our 20-week ultrasound, and our baby is measuring in the 75 percentile for weight with a healthy heartbeat.  As strong as she’s getting, I’m not surprised she’s a decent size.  Last night, she had a serious dance party at 4am and I almost woke up Jared to join us.  🙂

On my end, I’m still feeling great!  The last week or so I’ve started to feel some pressure (her?) on the right side of my pelvis when running (most likely from carrying her so low), so I’m beginning to switch to lower impact activities like swimming and walking and prenatal yoga.  I’m happy to have continued to run into the 6th month, and am enjoying the chance to explore some new classes and activities that I wouldn’t usually consider.

I’m also feeling more and more prepared–we have all the basic necessities, and rearranged the guest room/nursery to add a crib and organize the space a bit.  Even though she’ll be in our room for several months, it feels good to get some things set up, and we both find ourselves wandering in there to look at the collection of baby items as we brush our teeth at night.


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