Lily stories

Sunday evening, Jared went to our fellowship group and I stayed home with Lily (who had skipped her morning nap) to get her to bed early.  Despite the lack of napping, she was happily entertaining herself so I turned on some music for her, and took the opportunity to finish washing the dishes.  I heard the volume suddenly spike up, and a little voice singing along “LA, BA, DA”!  I peaked in to find that she had pulled out the bottom drawer of the entertainment center, was standing inside the drawer, dancing and singing with her poor little eardrums inches from the booming music.  She was so proud of herself.

She also started using “yes” and “no”.  I thought we had a few more months before the “no-no-no-no’s” began.  Thankfully, it’s only been in reference to things like “do you want your water?” or “do you want to climb up the stairs?” but I can tell those defiant tantrums won’t be far off.  If we tell her “no”, she thinks it’s hilarious and repeats it until we somehow distract or remove her from the situation.  I’m doing my best to ignore issues rather than turn it into a battle, but if it’s dangerous, I don’t have much of an option. I think she’s going to enjoy testing us these next few years… 🙂


2 responses to “Lily stories

  1. Lily and Emerson would get along great with the “yes” and “no no no’s”. Emerson has started really telling us what he wants and tantrums are also on the horizon as he has definite opinions. They definitely keep us on our toes!

  2. Sydney informed me today that “No” just makes Katherine laugh (hysterically, and often while running away or doing the dangerous thing we were trying to prevent), but that a very serious “Uh-oh” seemed to make her stop and worry for a minute about what she was doing. As you can see, we’re still working on “no” at the age of 2!

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