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The tears have been coming easily this week…

* Jared and I watched “The Help” this week, while my parents babysat Lily, and I found it really moving.  We’ve watched quite a few movies lately that reflect real-life violence (Kite Runner, Of Gods and Men, and now The Help) and I’m feeling a bit weighed down by the fear, violence, disparity and injustice in the world… (but would highly recommend all of them!)

* As we dropped my parents off at the airport, Lily was crying and obviously sad to say goodbye, which made me sad for her (and brought tears.)  I think that was my first taste of hurting with her and wanting to protect her from emotional pain, even though it was a simple goodbye and she was over it quickly.

* Even more trivial, but we attended a party this weekend for a 4-year old, and Lily had a great time playing with the older kids and chasing them around.  As they sat down to eat their dinner, I couldn’t get over how much older she seemed sitting with them at the kids table, and staying in her seat to eat her food.  More tears.

As I was processing the vulnerable emotional state I’ve been experiencing, Jared reminded me that we are in the middle of an adjustment to a new home/culture/city.  It was all so easy at first, but I think the transition is now sinking in on a deeper level.  Overall, it’s still been a very easy move, but I guess I’m finally letting my emotions catch up and am grieving the goodbye to our life in Ithaca.

Family time

We enjoyed our visit this week from Maw-maw, Paw-paw and Uncle Brandon.  It was a nice excuse to check out more of the sights in the Houston area.  We kept busy, but had relaxing afternoons while Lily napped.  We went to the beach at Galveston Island, visited the Aquarium, walked through the downtown Discovery Green park and past the baseball stadium, ate Tex-Mex and Cajun food, visited a few playgrounds, and took walks around the neighborhood to Rice University and through the shops at Rice Village.  We discovered the Chocolate Bar just a few blocks away, which sells chocolate covered everything, made on-site, and offers delicious varieties of ice cream, layer cakes and cheesecakes.  Brandon bought a slice of the huge four-layer chocolate cake, and it was enough for all of us to share with leftovers for Jared and I today.  (Seriously, these cakes are huge!) I’m not a big cake person, but I do eat dark chocolate every day, so this place is a dangerous find.  🙂

In any case, we all had a great time.  Lily was sad to see them leave, and cried at the airport last night when we said goodbye, which was heart-breaking!  But she woke up happy this morning and has been talking all day about “mawmaw, pawpaw, airplane, home!”  I’m glad she’s getting old enough to kind of understand what’s going on.