The tears have been coming easily this week…

* Jared and I watched “The Help” this week, while my parents babysat Lily, and I found it really moving.  We’ve watched quite a few movies lately that reflect real-life violence (Kite Runner, Of Gods and Men, and now The Help) and I’m feeling a bit weighed down by the fear, violence, disparity and injustice in the world… (but would highly recommend all of them!)

* As we dropped my parents off at the airport, Lily was crying and obviously sad to say goodbye, which made me sad for her (and brought tears.)  I think that was my first taste of hurting with her and wanting to protect her from emotional pain, even though it was a simple goodbye and she was over it quickly.

* Even more trivial, but we attended a party this weekend for a 4-year old, and Lily had a great time playing with the older kids and chasing them around.  As they sat down to eat their dinner, I couldn’t get over how much older she seemed sitting with them at the kids table, and staying in her seat to eat her food.  More tears.

As I was processing the vulnerable emotional state I’ve been experiencing, Jared reminded me that we are in the middle of an adjustment to a new home/culture/city.  It was all so easy at first, but I think the transition is now sinking in on a deeper level.  Overall, it’s still been a very easy move, but I guess I’m finally letting my emotions catch up and am grieving the goodbye to our life in Ithaca.


5 responses to “Tears

  1. Aww Lar…sad to hear about the tears, but they are probably necessary! Sometimes the changes catch up to us all at once. When I read that you dropped Lily off at the airport I was so confused for a second…thinking where was Lily flying to?? 🙂 I am assuming you meant your parents.

  2. Ah, i cried at your post. 🙂 I can totally understand so much of what you described. Tears flow easy for me in many of the same situations that you mentioned. I teared up tonight in the car while listening to Ben have a very grown up conversation with Todd. I couldn’t believe how old he sounded and also felt overwhelmed with the amount of love that I have for him. It’s such an amazing combination of love and sadness at the same time.

  3. Dear Laura! You didn’t steal the emotional state, your mama is the same way! Having never gone thru a big move like you have several times, I can imagine how I would be. And now, being a mother brings a whole new set of ‘tears’, like I used to say, “happy tears” for many things, but there are those times of sad tears and it is ok to shed them, as it brings us some relief and shows how much you care. You are a wonderful mother!!! Lily is very fortunate to have you and Jared!! : ) You’re all in my prayers constantly! much love, Mom

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